Blood Tears – Original Poetry in memory of the freedom fighters


I sit here writing this poem

thinking of the sacrifices that

have brought me to tears

realization of the fact that I am part of

a generation

of advantaged children

children newborn of a race

not intended to survive

and like so many others

I can sit in front of my class

at the top of my class

in this prestigious school

and whether it be

a physics class

a writing class

or dance class

matters not

because whatever my choice

I now have the right to choose

yet the sacrifices still bring me to tears

because I can now feel the pain

of not only Malcolm, Medgar and King

but the deaths of so many

who go unknown

so many

willing to die for the cause

so many

I cry for so many

because without their sacrifices

I would not be able to sit here


About Toni Love

Author, poet, recording artist, entrepreneur, activist and lover of children and life. Looking for nothing but joy in this lifetime!
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