Finally Over – Original Poetry…one of my favorites

When I lost you

I found myself

and I hurt

I pained

for too long

thinking of how foolish I had been

to believe in you

but my hurt turned into poetry and dance

and I wrote

and danced

until I filled up the emptiness inside of me

the voice that set inside my soul

when you were no longer there

poetry about you and for myself

poured from my fingertips like

golden rum at carnival time in Trinidad

I loved until I stopped hurting

and I found

not only myself


someone to love me for real

and oh yes

there were times when I wished he were you

until constant caresses and truthful sighs

showed me that true love takes me

for what I am

yes it’s finally over

true love has caressed my weary soul

and you are just a faded memory

because I am no longer afraid to return

the love that I have been given

                                                          Originally written: 1/9/85


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