Getting comfortable in my own skin – Part deux

As I parked the car in front of the house, I took a deep breath, checked to make sure I was still smelling like jasmine and vanilla and that my makeup and hair were still fierce, and turned off the ignition. It was just starting to look like rain but I didn’t have the weather on my mind. I was feeling more confident now, but still looking around to make sure the mail man didn’t get a free peak when my coat flew open from the wind gusts or from graciously exiting the car. I had started to feel less nervous and more excited since this would be a complete surprise to him. He had jokingly asked for this, but I never let on that I was thinking of calling his bluff.

I managed to get out of the car without showing my goodies, and after making sure that everything was still situated underneath the coat, I carried the breakfast and coffee I had purchased to the door. I sent him a text message to let him know that I had arrived and he met me at the door. I didn’t think he would guess that I had practically nothing on underneath the coat since that was SO unlike me. But as soon as he came to the door and saw the red pumps and trench coat, he smiled a delicious, sexy and lustful grin that enhanced his deep dimples and lit up his eyes. Maybe it was the Cheshire cat grin that I had on my face or maybe my seductive eyes told it all, but he knew what I was up to and was as excited as a young child on Christmas morning.

That’s when I knew I could have had him eating out the palm of my hand. This is where a Leo loves to sit. Lions are powerful but playful, and I was going to have some fun with this. I had never done anything like this but I was starting to see why people did it. There’s such a rush of adrenalin, passion and life that flows through every ounce and every vein and the endorphins were all over the place! He was dying to unwrap the package and it made me more intent on teasing him and making him wait until he couldn’t take it any more. I gave him his breakfast sandwich and laid across the bed bearing just a thigh and a shoulder while he bit slowly and intensely into the soft fluffy sandwich. I grew more excited with each morsel that he removed from that sandwich and imagined that I was the next course on the menu. I knew I was. I knew that he wanted me right then and there. He kept asking me if I was hot. I was hot, but i refused to let him have his way so quickly. I wasn’t finished. I had some more time to slowly unravel his gift, to hesitate just enough for his desire and his body temperature to slowly and consistently rise. My ego had completely taken over and I wanted to see how badly he wanted me. How much he appreciated me taking the time and the effort and overcoming the embarrassment of coming over in my red lace thong, red bra and red pumps, all ready to be revealed when I unwrapped myself and gave his gift to him. I felt so alive. I felt like a goddess, and I felt like a beautiful, sexy and powerful woman. So THIS is what it feels like to be desired!

I let my entire leg slide out of the coat as I laid across his bed watching him shove the last morsel into his mouth in desperate anticipation. I unbuttoned the top of my coat down to my waist, revealing the soft red bra underneath, and continued to lay in waiting. He couldn’t finish his tea fast enough. I grinned ear to ear as he campaigned to get me to completely reveal his gift. He started to tell me how sexy I was and how excited he was and how much he wanted to see me unwrap and uncover. I couldn’t stop smiling and continued to tease him with a slow peeling back of the coat. I thought I had the upper hand until he started to tell me step by step what he wanted to do to me to show his appreciation.  I felt a deep chill go through my body and an extremely hot sensation flowing through me at the same time. He could touch me without even being close. I was craving him… and I knew he was going to get exactly what he wanted.


(to be continued???)


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