Comfortable in my own skin – His point of view

I stood at the top of the step of the front door entrance and waited for the girl of my dreams that morning. I left the door open so my baby didn’t have to stand outside in the brisk Fall weather too long. It was a good thing I did because I had no idea what my baby had in store for me. I was as anxious as a kid awaiting Christmas morning so he could unwrap his brand new X-box. That’s when I got the text that said she was out front and I watched as my baby gathered her things together and exited her car. The first thing that I noticed was her smile, it seemed to be extra bright that morning. The next thing I noticed was the long tan trench coat that was wrapped around my gift. Then finally I glanced down and saw she was wearing red pumps and her stocking free beautiful bare legs flashed in and out of the bottom of her coat. At that moment for me it was Christmas morning and my present had arrived.
I greeted her with a kiss and a warm hug as usual. Then she handed me a bag that had my breakfast sandwiches and iced tea that I had asked for. I offered to take her coat and she said that she’d rather keep it on because she was cold. I thought that was odd because we were inside and it was warm in the house. So now my mind is racing as we make our way upstairs to my bedroom. Then I recalled another request that I had made of her besides the two sausage egg and cheese biscuits. She asked me what would I like her to wear and I said nothing but a fur coat and pumps. Oh my God! Could she be naked under that coat? Would she have the heart to come from her house, take her kids to school, and stop at a store for our breakfast with nothing on but that trench coat? I guess I was about to find out soon enough.
I’m not one to beat around the bush so I asked her if she was naked under the coat. She was like “No!” as if I embarrassed her or something. She told me to eat my breakfast and worry about the coat later but I couldn’t because I wanted to see what was under that coat. I guess she noticed my curiosity outweighed my hunger so she decided to tease me. She stood in the middle of the floor and slowly unbuttoned the coat. When she was done she kept it closed with her hands and was prepared to flash me. She was so sexy with her natural auburn kinky fro, with all her jewelery on and them sharp piercing eyes and naughty smile. She opens the coat in full view for me so I can see every goodie that she had hidden under there. My eyes almost fell out of my head and I know a little drool ran down the side of my mouth because she had on the most sexy lingerie, fitting just right. She wore a matching red laced bra and thong set that went perfectly with her red pumps. I had to bite my lip as I admired and appreciated her fine brown frame. Those thick milk chocolate legs and thighs and her voluptuous breast made me think that I had a black Wonder Woman in my bedroom.
After she spun around a couple of times, she covered her treasures back up with the trench coat. She told me to eat as she laid across the foot of my bed with the coat still on but unbuttoned  and slightly opened. I tried to wolf my sandwich down so I could play with my newly unwrapped gift. And my baby being the perfect tease crossed and uncrossed those sexy legs so the coat would open and close to reveal and hide every morsel of her sexy body. One moment a fleshy mound with an erect nipple would peak from the coat and the next, one thigh would move so her panty line would come into plain view. I couldn’t take too much more so I had to cover up and save half of my second sandwich for later. I had to give her a present that would compliment her already stunning physique. She had no idea  that I had a surprise for her.
This is how I know that I’m in love with this woman, because I thought about her when I was on the road constantly. I knew that our first meeting when I got home would be this magical morning so I wanted to present her with a special gift. I went to a jewelry store on the beach and bought her this beautiful anklet made with aqua blue sea

shells. I gave her the gift and she loved it. She placed the blue (my favorite color) anklet on her leg and it accented the red (her favorite color) pumps and lingerie. Then I removed the coat and we kissed like it was our first time – full of passion and fire. And before we made love, I remember kissing every inch of her soft silky smooth body and taking every piece of lingerie off. Then she asked “Do you want me to take my shoes off?” and me being the kinky freaky foot fetish king, I replied….”Naw! Keep em on cause I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY LOVE THEM SHOES!”



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