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I don’t want to need you – Original Poetry 2012

Whenever we kiss I feel an electric shock
that beats your hands to my thigh before I can moan “stop”
So much energy between us
that every touch of your skin next to mine
Sends a chill up and down my spine
And I can’t deny that my body needs you too Continue reading

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This is the best time of your life

“I just wanted to tell you to enjoy this time in your life to the fullest because these are the best days of your life.”

These words really hit home for me because aside from me taking my own personal inventory, I often wonder what others see when they look at the past year of my life. What do my ancestors think of me? What compliments or constructive criticism would they offer? Do they even see what’s going on, and if so what’s their perspective? With all of their wisdom, what advice would they give me for the coming year?
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