I want some old school love… Original Poetry

The Obamas

I’m yearning for some old school love.

That sweet love that kept you up on the phone all night.

Not thinking of short verses for his Twitter page

but long, drawn out sighs and movement from lips to thighs

sweet nothings that fill your ear and make you want to disappear

into the abyss of his love

into the phone for a long, sweet kiss and a tight hug

not looking at pictures of his body on Facebook or pictures that some other body took

but cuddling up next to his chest on the couch

not texting each other but hand in hand, mouth to mouth

can’t wait to wrap up inside of that warm oven kind of love

that old school love when he couldn’t wait to get off from work

to take you for a walk around the park

to “write your name up in the sky”

and tell you ” you’re the reason why”

wanting to be his “lover girl” and praying he’d take you all around the world

or even for a push on the swing

and maybe one day a shiny diamond ring

both “wishing on a star” that no one would see you in the back seat of that car

vowing to love each other “forever” as you sunk deeper into the leather

i want THAT old school love

i want his hand to slowly caress my back

not the touch screen of his phone

i want us to feel like we’re all alone

not with a zillion other friends chatting, messaging and interrupting

when he holds my face in his hands and says that this was where he wants to be

the only tweeting that I want to hear

is sweet nothings being whispered in my ear

or music softly playing while he lay near

and though i know things are different in this time and age

and people and relationships are not much more than comments thrown all around the page

I want that old school love back

I know you’re out there and until you find your way through

I’ll be “saving all my love for you”.

(c) M. Tonita Austin   3/5/12


9 thoughts on “I want some old school love… Original Poetry

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  1. “Another bad creation” šŸ™‚ this poem bought a tear to my eyes,something that has been so heavy on my heart has been put into perfect words. So many of us simply “miss” that ole school love….bring it back :):)

  2. Beautiful and authentic! I pray that you do find that kinda love because he’s there waiting for you.

  3. I hear you, girl~! What ever happened to courting? I say it’s still out there, cause when real love comes by, he feels the same and wants to be with you in the same way, and feels just as frustrated…
    or am I projecting?:)

  4. You have aptly described the love I have found. I gotta an ole skool love with a sho’ nuff ole head. Thanks for penning my passion on the page!

    1. Thanks Michelle…yes it’s my own poem. I am putting it out in the universe so we will all claim it and receive it! šŸ™‚

    1. wow…that was a beautiful poem…reading that poem while listening to some ole skool music will surely take you there…keep up the good work

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