Can You Hear It?


If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it
Does it really make a noise?

Can you call yourself my man
If you spend less time with me than with
yourself, your friends and the “boys”?

You say how much you love me
And are always thinking of me, yet here I sit all alone
No sweet conversations or close encounters, just an occasional voice on my mobile phone

Reasons why we’re not holding each other, snuggling up, watching T.V.
There’s always something else going on, and you can’t spend time with me
Too tired to come when I need you, yet so much energy after you get me off the phone

So why should I sit here all alone..

Maybe I’m too much for one man
I need more love than you can do
Do I find a homey lover friend to fill in when you’re just “doing you”?

Is this the love that I always wanted?
Is this how love was really meant to be, if after time passes and the love gets solid
The romance falls silent just like the tree?

Is your passionate heart still beating, when I’m near do you still get chills?
Or when I’m laying there beside you,
Is it silently contemplating the next thrill?

Can I feel your arms around me
Can I nibble on your ear
Can we drift into the morning
Fall asleep in the comfort of the easy chair

Or did the heartbeat of this romance fall silent because no one was around to hear?

Can we cut into the silence
Find the sound of you and me
Let our passion create the sound waves
So there’s no doubt we feel the vibrations of love’s tree

Can we?

Original poetry- August 2012


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