Can’t Get you out of my head – Original Poetry

carmen1Your voice slides inside my mind like silk panties between my thighs

and I can’t get you out of my head

so sweet and so unique I could listen to your sexiness until I fell off to sleep

But for now I’ll just imagine you laying your body across my bed

yearning to feel  your touch your lips and waiting for the first passionate kiss

and I can’t believe I’m capable of feeling like this

have I finally met my match, a romantic whose words are as sweet as a Hershey’s kiss

or my soul mate able to touch me so deeply that I can’t resist

your eyes, and your smile leave me yearning for your loving caress

imagining you and I hand in hand heart to heart

makes me feel warm and sticky like honey dripping down the back of my dress

I want you, you want me and we both find ourselves weak from the thought

of opening up our souls and hearts as they intertwine into an eternal rope of passion and ecstasy

you make love to my mind and I can’t say no

I surrender all

you are my destiny

just lay my body down on your lavender-scented bed

cause I can’t get you out of my head.

by M. Tonita Austin (c) 8/31/13

About Toni Love

Author, poet, recording artist, entrepreneur, activist and lover of children and life. Looking for nothing but joy in this lifetime!
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4 Responses to Can’t Get you out of my head – Original Poetry

  1. Gwendolyn Treherne says:

    Very visual… What was I seeing?

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