A Snowbound, Single-Mom’s Prayer (Original Poetry)

I wrote this a year ago but it rings true for sure today since the schools are closed for two straight days now due to the weather ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Pray for me and feel free to share if you can relate!

Toni's Room

1622048_10201994660362900_1691772360_nWell, itโ€™s day two of this winter blizzard, and the schools have been closed both days. When youโ€™re homebound with two young, energetic kids you have to keep a sense of humor and an attitude of faith and hope! I enjoy sleeping in, and I love my kids dearly, but boy am I looking forward to the dog days of summer! I wrote this poem for fun. Itโ€™s titled โ€œA Snowbound Single-Momโ€™s Prayerโ€. Hope you like it:

Now I come in from the cold
No help with groceries
Nor hand to hold
The kids are excited about the snow
And my only prayer is that the lights wonโ€™t blow
Please keep the heat and the television going
So Iโ€™ll have a little peace and work flow while itโ€™s snowing
And after movies, popcorn and snuggling of course
And the kids are finally tucked in their bed
May a handsome andโ€ฆ

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A mom-preneur, writer, poet, and lover of children and life. Looking for nothing but joy in this lifetime!
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