Can You Hear It?


If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it
Does it really make a noise?

Can you call yourself my man
If you spend less time with me than with
yourself, your friends and the “boys”?

You say how much you love me
And are always thinking of me, yet here I sit all alone
No sweet conversations or close encounters, just an occasional voice on my mobile phone

Reasons why we’re not holding each other, snuggling up, watching T.V.
There’s always something else going on, and you can’t spend time with me
Too tired to come when I need you, yet so much energy after you get me off the phone

So why should I sit here all alone..

Maybe I’m too much for one man
I need more love than you can do
Do I find a homey lover friend to fill in when you’re just “doing you”?

Is this the love that I always wanted?
Is this how love was really meant to be, if after time passes and the love gets solid
The romance falls silent just like the tree?

Is your passionate heart still beating, when I’m near do you still get chills?
Or when I’m laying there beside you,
Is it silently contemplating the next thrill?

Can I feel your arms around me
Can I nibble on your ear
Can we drift into the morning
Fall asleep in the comfort of the easy chair

Or did the heartbeat of this romance fall silent because no one was around to hear?

Can we cut into the silence
Find the sound of you and me
Let our passion create the sound waves
So there’s no doubt we feel the vibrations of love’s tree

Can we?

Original poetry- August 2012

Meet Me…

“Fly into my love…”

Phyllis no one could have said it better

I want to melt like glue on the pavement in the hot weather

when you are near me

I want to stop time and tell the job, the bills, the kids and the static to hush..

I want to ride on the next warm breeze that blows by,

grab your hand to make sure it’s just you and I

and slowly climb that ladder to the moon

No one needs to know where we are

Just make sure you duck that shooting star

And meet me


I don’t care if it’s just for a moment

But a lifetime would be divine

As close to heaven as we will ever be

Is walking on the moon, just you and me

Meet me..

I’ll make sure you get to work in the morning

We can stop by Jupiter to get you a change of clothes

I just want a moment alone

“In the middle of the sky…you and I”

Do you hear that soft love vibe

Slowly dripping down my thigh

I NEED you to meet me

Where we can lose ourselves in the moment everlasting

Far away from outside forces that interfere with our gravity

Can you meet me?

I won’t tell a soul

but you will want to when I’m through..

Can you just meet me?

Don’t make me beg

I have the ladder, just grab a rung

and come

Can’t you get here any faster?

Meet me..

You won’t regret it my love

And you surely won’t forget it

You’ll be set free from all those wordly woes

When the moondust drifts softly between our toes

Just come..

And I promise

I’ll call your name when you do…

Original Poetry by M Tonita Austin remembering the late, great Phyllis Hyman on her birthday 7/6/12


I want some old school love… Original Poetry

The Obamas

I’m yearning for some old school love.

That sweet love that kept you up on the phone all night.

Not thinking of short verses for his Twitter page

but long, drawn out sighs and movement from lips to thighs

sweet nothings that fill your ear and make you want to disappear

into the abyss of his love

into the phone for a long, sweet kiss and a tight hug

not looking at pictures of his body on Facebook or pictures that some other body took

but cuddling up next to his chest on the couch

not texting each other but hand in hand, mouth to mouth

can’t wait to wrap up inside of that warm oven kind of love

that old school love when he couldn’t wait to get off from work

to take you for a walk around the park

to “write your name up in the sky”

and tell you ” you’re the reason why”

wanting to be his “lover girl” and praying he’d take you all around the world

or even for a push on the swing

and maybe one day a shiny diamond ring

both “wishing on a star” that no one would see you in the back seat of that car

vowing to love each other “forever” as you sunk deeper into the leather

i want THAT old school love

i want his hand to slowly caress my back

not the touch screen of his phone

i want us to feel like we’re all alone

not with a zillion other friends chatting, messaging and interrupting

when he holds my face in his hands and says that this was where he wants to be

the only tweeting that I want to hear

is sweet nothings being whispered in my ear

or music softly playing while he lay near

and though i know things are different in this time and age

and people and relationships are not much more than comments thrown all around the page

I want that old school love back

I know you’re out there and until you find your way through

I’ll be “saving all my love for you”.

(c) M. Tonita Austin   3/5/12

I don’t want to need you – Original Poetry 2012

So mad at myself for letting you into my heart

Once broken and scarred yet beating

Your love mended it with each soft caress

But now I don’t  know where you begin and I start

You see I loved you so long ago

And though my ego would never let it show

 I was so afraid of needing you that I had to let you go

And I did

But true love never ends and we were destined to meet up again

I couldn’t pretend

I knew you were embedded deep beneath my skin

And though they caressed and kissed me here and there

They could never melt my heart from within

So here I am again and damn

I don’t want to need you

Its decades later and it happened so fast

Coming back into your life when you needed a friend

and once again

I couldn’t resist you

I tried with all my might to push you away but you kept holding me tight

Your arms so strong and warm they made me melt

I started sinking deep into  overwhelming emotions that I’ve never felt

And still I’m trying not to need you

Whenever we kiss I feel an electric shock

that beats your hands to my thigh before I can moan “stop”

So much energy between us

that every touch of your skin next to mine

Sends a chill up and down my spine

And I can’t deny that my body needs you too

Can I trust you, are you true

Do you love me as much as you say you do

Will you leave me, will you stay

Or is it just a game to see how long I’ll stay

Will you




The passion doesn’t ever seem to die

And as much as I try and try and try.

Even when you give me a reason why

I should walk away and say goodbye

I can’t seem to bring myself  to leave you

It may not make sense to you

And you may think I’m crazy

I’d rather push you out of my arms now than take the chance

Of one day hearing you call someone else your baby.

My love for you is deep and to the core

My heart still beats faster when I see  you walk through my door

I don’t know what I would do without your love

But I do know for sure

That I don’t want to need you.Don't Want to Need You

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