For My Love – Original poetry written Sept 1985

Whatever You’re Doing

sitting here thinking of you

I wonder what I have let you do to my life

 my mind is all a flutter

and my heart is as warm

as the Georgian sun

when I’m near you

and it’s not just puppy love

or rebound-type love

like I’ve felt before

it’s real love

this time

talking about one man for so long

used to be bad for my image

my heart and my soul

had been swept away

and stepped on without a care

before you

tender eyes like yours

have been so far out of reach

for so long

you are


I’ve ever

wanted a man to be

and I treasure your love

like the Egyptians treasure the ever flowing Nile

and need you as desperately

as man needs the air to breathe

I don’t know what it is

that you’ve done to me

I don’t even know how to flirt anymore

and will walk by the finest guy around

without smacking myself for doing so

my friends all think I’m crazy

or that it’s a phase  I’ll soon get over

but I can’t really say

all I know is that

this is a feeling

I don’t ever want to disappear

so whatever it is that you’ve done to me

whether it’s a magic potion

or something you’re putting in my drink at night

all I can say is

I’m lovin’ it

so you can just keep on


whatever it is you’re doin’

to me

                                                Original writing:  9/17/85


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