Joy in the Journey

I have to admit that I was never the type of Oprah fan that watched her show every day or even taped it or stayed up at night to see what it was unless a friend called and said “you have to see this!”.  I never tried to get on any of the Oprah’s favorite thing giveway shows because I figured only the people who had the time  to watch, send letters and email had a chance at those shows anyway. Once in a while I would catch it on a holiday or during the time I was home with my newborn (Janai at the time), and a topic would be profound for me, but not often. However, I will never forget the show she did on Mother’s Day interviewing some of the young victims of September 11th. They had not been killed, but their mothers had, and some of them not even old enough to speak would never be able to celebrate the holiday with their Mothers. It really made me get off the pity pot that day and made me realize how blessed I was to have had my mom in my life for several decades.


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