Foolish Me _ Original Poetry 2/21/85


Look what I done gone and did!

 I sent you my poem

      MY POEM


Submerged in bittersweet pain

full of my down to earth ancient free to be me feelings

loud and raging

so you would know how you hurt me

just how much I hurt

and how to be human the next time

so I wouldn’t have to bleed my heart  in order to tell you about yourself

to yourself


And look what you done gone and did!

You’ve obviously felt my pain/my anger

and realized that there are feelings just as important as yours

But you’ve clearly been acting right with the wrong girl

Cause she ain’t me

And can’t no one else write you poems about yourself

to yourself

like I can


So what you gonna do now?

(c) M. Tonita Austin  2/21/85, Columbia Univ. NYC


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